Keyword Tests that Work Across Native, Web, and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Powered by TestComplete Platform, TestComplete Mobile allows you to record new keyword operations into existing automated software tests or even modify the recorded automated mobile software tests. This in turn helps you save rework and create mobile automated software tests faster. 

Keyword-Driven Tests
  • Simulate user actions on the tested processes, windows, controls, menus, and objects.
  • Access internal objects, methods, and properties of the mobile application under test.
  • Make your keyword tests more flexible by passing values from external files rather than hard-coded data.
  • Covert keyword tests to their script equivalents.
  • Use keyword test debugger to debug keyword tests step-by-step, trace into other keyword tests that might be called from the debugged keyword test, evaluate parameters, and set breakpoints. 
  • Extend keyword tests using custom operations. 
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