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Automate functional testing for a variety of desktop technologies including Windows, Java, .NET, Qt, WPF, Oracle Forms, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Dynamics, Infragistics, and more. Identify UI elements across these software technologies and controls with ease.

Broad Technology Support

Create and run functional automated tests across wide range of desktop, web, and mobile technologies without writing a single line of code. Use modern languages like JavaScript, Python, and VB.NET to create UI tests. TestComplete's top-notch object recognition algorithm will ensure that you can find dynamic elements reliably and accurately.

Identify Web Controls – Even 3rd Party Controls and Dynamic Objects

Create a functional test once and run it across other browsers without any modifications. For web applications that have dynamically generated controls, or controls without good identifiers, use TestComplete's name mapping technology to reliably identify the necessary objects.

Powerful Object Recognition for Mobile Testing

Create robust functional UI tests for native, web, or hybrid iOS and Android apps. Powerful object recognition will works irrespective of the device screen size, resolution, or language configuration.

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