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The Industry's #1 API Testing Tool

APIs and Microservices are transforming the way organizations do business in the digital world, and testing them is becoming more critical than ever. SoapUI Pro gives development and testing teams a powerful solution to create, run, and analyze complex API tests.

Create, run, & automate advanced API tests with no code.

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Verify that your API does what it's supposed to do by creating tests quickly.

The first essential piece of API readiness is making sure that your API does what it is supposed to do and returns the data it's expected to return. With SoapUI Pro, you can: 

  • Import API descriptions like Swagger, OAS 3.0 and others to rapidly build out API tests 
  • Record API calls based on real-world web and mobile apps using API discovery
  • Use property transfer to extract data from one response for use in a later request
  • Avoid complex scripting by building XPath and/or JSON-Path statements graphically
  • Use the command-line to hook your tests to your build system
  • Quickly flip between multiple environments: development, testing, staging, etc.
  • Test REST, SOAP, and other protocols in a single, unified framework

Fit Testing into Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Who’s responsible for delivering high quality APIs on your team? Increasingly, the answer is: everyone. Developers are on the hook for shipping great code, testers are in charge of comprehensive quality validation, and operations teams are responsible for making sure things work around the clock.

But quality starts with good design, and SmartBear knows that the quickest way to making all teams more efficient is to squash problems earlier on in the API delivery lifecycle. That’s why ReadyAPI comes fully equipped to integrate the varying skill sets on your team with:

  • Graphical API testing tools like SoapUI Pro
  • Command-line support for automated regression testing
  • Results export to popular M2M (jUnit, XML) and other common formats
  • SDK and IDE support for developer-first testing patterns

Put dynamic data to work for you

Using realistic, dynamic data in your functional API tests is critical to covering boundary conditions, positive/negative testing, and truly simulating the way your consumers interact with your APIs in the real world. SoapUI Pro saves you invaluable amounts of time by enabling you to:

  • Use external data sources to keep your tests and data more maintainable
  • Avoid having to repeat tests for different scenarios by using multiple data sets
  • Validate results using data from either a database, file, or prior response
  • React quickly when new cases arise by simply creating a new data sets, not tests

Add security scans to functional Tests

Protect your APIs with security scans

SoapUI Pro includes advanced security testing capabilities. You can now add security scans to your new or existing functional tests with just a click. Instead of security experts, with SoapUI Pro’s easy to create scans, security testing lands squarely with the testers and developers of your team. This helps ensure that critical API security testing occurs every time your tests run and is no more considered as an afterthought. SoapUI Pro allows you to:

  • Quickly generate security scans to run against all your API tests
  • Protect your APIs by running standard scans designed to mimic standard hacking techniques
  • Create custom scans or layer them over existing scans to cater to your own use case
  • Integrate API security with automation to ensure your APIs stay secure after every code change

Drive Measurable ROI

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Learn how SoapUI Pro enables Atena testers to accelerate the regression process by 25x

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HDS / IMS Health

Healthcare Data Solutions

Discover how HDS reduced API testing setup time by over 80%

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Cisco Case Study

Cisco Systems

Point-and-click testing in SoapUI Pro makes it easy for Cisco's engineers to automate their REST and SOAP tests.

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Simplify your API strategy with tools that fit in

SoapUI Pro integrates with your entire API delivery ecosystem, from design and mocking to issue reporting and deployment. With an open core plugin framework, integrations to the following areas make ReadyAPI and SoapUI Pro the most extensible and connected API testing suite in the world:

  • API management platforms
  • API description formats (like Swagger, RAML, etc.)
  • API Performance Monitoring
  • Front-end functional testing
  • Revision control / repository in Git
  • Issue tracking in Atlassian JIRA
  • SDK generation
  • IoT and other protocols (i.e. MQTT)


Increase API quality beyond functional testing

Making sure your APIs are accurate with functional testing is fantastic! Still, quality is about more than making sure the code works as expected; its also critical to know:

  • How much traffic can the API handle?
  • Is the API free from obvious security vulnerabilities?
  • Will I be able to deliver subsequent changes to the API on time and under budget?

SmartBear answers each of these questions through applications in the ReadyAPI suite, based on a decade of open-source testing experience.


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