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API Test creation with Automation

An API Testing Tool That Automates Your CI/CD Pipeline In Just Minutes

Test automation is a neccessary practice when moving to a continuous deployment process, and SoapUI Pro makes it easy for anyone on your team - developer, tester, or operations engineer - to incorporate automated API testing right into your pipeline. Integrate SoapUI Pro with Jenkins, TeamCity, or Azure DevOps using our native plug-ins or build your own command-line arguments with our builder to integrate with nearly any CI server your organization may use.

  • Store tests locally or inside a Git repo like GitHub
  • Run tests as part of every commit 
  • Switch between testing local, staging, or QA environments with just one argument
  • Export results with JUnit, XML, or custom style reporting

SoapUI Pro integrates with a range of automation tools


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Test the functionality of your REST and SOAP APIs faster, while improving quality and security.

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  • Integrate with leading API management platforms