Your Complete Continuous Testing Guide: How-To Series

Part 1: How To Speed Up Your SDLC with Continuous Testing

QA teams are rethinking their testing processes and tooling in order to move toward faster, more reliable, and higher-quality software development and delivery. The key to accomplishing this is by embracing a continuous future. Continuous testing is the foundation of a continuous delivery engine that has not only changed the way teams structure their workflows and systems, but also has also led to a mindset shift for the development, testing, and operations teams. Join SmartBear in a 3-part webinars series to learn how to build, execute, and optimize your continuous testing framework.

Teams can optimize benefits of a continuous engine by designing a continuous testing strategy that is in lock-step with their development strategy. To truly leverage continuous testing in an organization, test automation must exist throughout the SDLC. Join Part 1 of our Continuous Testing How-To series to learn how to set up a continuous testing framework that incorporates stakeholders throughout the development cycle, including business analysts, developers, and QA engineers.

In Part 1, you will learn:

  • What continuous testing is and why it is important
  • Continuous Testing with BDD in your IDE
  • Continuous Testing with Living Documentation
  • Live demo of with SmartBear products tailored for Continuous Testing (Hiptest and TestLeft)

Stay tuned for for Part 2: How to Build a Powerful Continuous Testing Framework and Part 3: How to Optimize Continuous Testing Using Jenkins! More details will come.

To get started, learn more about TestLeft and try a free trial today!

Akshita Puram
Param Chopra

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