Your Complete Continuous Testing Guide: How-To Series

Part 2: How To Build a Powerful Continuous Testing Framework

QA teams are rethinking their testing processes and tooling in order to move toward faster, more reliable, and higher-quality software development and delivery. The key to accomplishing this is by embracing a continuous future. Continuous integration and testing are the building blocks of a powerful continuous delivery engine. Continuous integration is the breaking of your development into smaller pieces, allowing teams to detect issues earlier.

In Part 1 of our three-part webinar series, we discussed how to implement a continuous testing strategy that is in lock-step with your development strategy. Join Part 2 to learn the common challenges and myths around continuous testing and how to overcome them without a technical background.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Common continuous testing challenges and how to overcome them
  • Continuous testing with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins
  • Live demo of TestComplete features tailored for continuous testing

Series Info:

Part 1: How to Speed Up Your SDLC with Continuous Testing from Design to Development to Deployment

Stay tuned! Part 3: How to Optimize Continuous Testing Using Jenkins

Aaron Fox
Damien Walsh
Dermot Canniffe

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