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Branding Brand provides mobile commerce and social media turn-key solutions to retailers. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Branding Brand's in-house design and development teams re-deploy websites across multiple channels - including mobile phones, apps, tablets and Facebook - while adding enhanced functionality and aesthetics.


Branding Brand, a mobile commerce design and development company, opened its doors in 2008, and the business grew quickly. In 2010 mobile web consumption grew 110 percent in the United States. Branding Brand discovered online shoppers wanted mobile websites that deliver rich functionality and features supported by their mobile devices. And search engines needed fast, simple sites. But in mobile website design, high performance and robust capabilities are like oil and water - they don't mix. The more capabilities you add, the slower website performance often becomes. The more performance built into the site, the more capability you are typically stripping away. Branding Brand needed to develop a design approach that struck the perfect balance between high functionality and high performance. In addition,Branding Brand needed to deliver mobile sites that performed just as well as its clients' standard websites. In order to achieve these goals, Branding Brand needed a way to measure and monitor website performance with the utmost accuracy and precision. They needed insight into load times and availability of every element of its mobile websites, both during and after the build process, to ensure its designs were effective. Branding Brand also required comprehensive data for mobile web performance that clients could view in reports, as well as real-time notifications if a website failed to load properly.


Branding Brand decided to test AlertSite's mobile web performance monitoring capabilities. Joey Rahimi of Branding Brand downloaded AlertSite's DéjàClickTM Mobile Monitoring Solution, the first inside-the-browser, mobile web performance monitoring system. DéjàClick monitors the TrueUserTM experience and reports on the performance of pages, links, components, objects and more to ensure customers get a high-performing and reliable mobile web experience. Rahimi configured DéjàClick by setting up various test scripts to record actual users' click streams, such as using the search function, adding an item to the shopping cart and checking out. One advantage Rahimi appreciated was that he could monitor mobile websites as they actually appeared on multiple popular mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android. Branding Brand tests and monitors transactions for load time and availability, with alerts sent to the team when any function fails to operate as expected. Now Branding Brand uses DéjàClick Mobile Monitoring to serve all of its clients. The team monitors the performance of multiple mobile sites during and after thebuild, making changes on clients' staging sites that affect mobile sites and the availability of the main website.

"The mobile websites we deliver to our clients load twice as fast as the industry average-a milestone we have been able to achieve at each step of the build process as a result of regular performance testing and monitoring with AlertSite's DéjàClick Mobile Monitoring Solution." - Joey Rahimi, Co-founder,Branding Brand


The testing, monitoring and alerts provided by AlertSite'sMobile Monitoring Solution lets Branding Brand uphold its service level agreement that ensures high reliability and uptime of its mobile websites. It enables Branding Brand to offer a faster, more efficient build process. By including load time monitoring into the build, Branding Brand can create dynamic, effective mobile websites in less time, keeping costs down for clients. In fact, the mobile websites Branding Brand delivers to its clients load twice as fast as industry averages, a determination Rahimi made by comparing their own load times with industry benchmarks provided by AlertSite.

In addition, Branding Brand can stay a step ahead of future performance issues. By running scripts on clients' staging environments, they receive e-mail alerts when changes are made at the staging level, which are implemented on the live site and impact the mobile user. These alerts send Branding Brand into action, preparing its mobile site ahead of time to maintain availability.

DéjàClick's Mobile Monitoring Solution lets Branding Brand keep an eye on the performance of its mobile websites and catch problems before they cause the site to go down. Theyare alerted immediately by e-mail if load times go above apredetermined threshold or if the site becomes unavailable.And finally, they can provide detailed reports to communicate performance metrics to clients.

Branding Brand communicates mobile website performance using the metrics provided by DéjàClick. Clients appreciate seeing the data behind performance success or issues and like having the option to breakdown load times according to the device used to access their mobile site. Branding Brand can rely on AlertSite's support at any hour of the day, any day of the week. This response time is key to Branding Brand's ability to deliver on the promises it makes to clients.

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