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Save time and resources

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) tool that connects your entire organization with customers. To ensure your critical workflows function as expected, your Salesforce instance needs to be tested.

But Salesforce has countless use cases and a highly customizable UI, making it hard to test. Its object properties are dynamic, and the use of Shadow DOM makes elements difficult to interact with. Salesforce triannual updates also change these object properties, which can break existing tests.

Manual testing is one solution, but it can be time consuming and unreliable. To enhance your Salesforce testing process, try automating it. This saves valuable time and resources for your business.

With TestComplete, you can easily test new lead workflows, campaign creation, dashboard displays, and more.

Eliminate flaky tests

To achieve seamless UI test automation, you need to ensure accurate identification and detection of all objects. This includes buttons, input fields, tabs, grids, lists, and check boxes.

Simple XPath and CSS selectors can lead to unreliable test results due to the dynamic nature of Salesforce. TestComplete solves this by identifying every object uniquely and capturing multiple different object selectors for backup. This ensures you have stable tests that can be run repeatedly.

It also offers AI features such as self-healing tests and optical character recognition (OCR). The self-healing tests work to locate the correct object, even if it changes. And with the AI-powered OCR feature, you can identify all text-based objects on the screen.

Testing for any skill level

With TestComplete, automating Salesforce workflows is easy for any skill level.

Using the record and replay feature, you can navigate through the application as a manual tester would. As you walk through manually, TestComplete records the actions and generates an automated version of the steps. Each element on the application is uniquely identified and can be reused across different tests through the object repository.

More advanced users also have the choice to script tests in modern languages like JavaScript or Python.

Increase efficiency and coverage

TestComplete allows you to leverage test cases across multiple modules. This helps to streamline your testing process and increase scalability.

You can define modules based on functionality, categories, or business workflows. Then you can reuse those tests to establish a powerful automation framework.

Data driving your tests is also essential to ensure that you have adequate test coverage. TestComplete enables you to link your tests to Excel sheets or csv files through simple drag and drop interfaces. This allows you to effortlessly run existing tests with different data. Once your testing is complete, you’ll receive reports with screenshots of every test run to share with the team.

Click here to see a demo of data-driven Salesforce testing with TestComplete.

Integrations to enhance your workflow

With TestComplete, you have the flexibility to schedule and run tests via Continuous Integration systems like Jenkins or Azure. You also can integrate with your current test management system, allowing you to streamline your testing workflow.

To enhance collaboration, TestComplete also provides an integration with Git source control directly from the application.


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