Fast, Dynamic Mock Creation

Anyone can start creating dynamic, virtualized APIs, DBs, and UIs almost instantly - no deep technical knowledge or coding experience is required.

  • Import OAS, WSDL, or other API definitions
  • Record live API or UI traffic to replicate
  • Manually enter in your RESTful endpoints

Extensible Editing & Configuration

As shift-left grows, teams want to put more effort into designing a system and testing it before they start building and scaling it out.

  • Generate or import data to inject into parameters
  • Edit logic of responses from each endpoint
  • Configure network latency and server capacity

Local or Cloud-ready Deployments

Run and share your virtualized web service from a web browser or other local client, or deploy it on a private or public cloud.

  • Create, configure, and deploy on local machine
  • Deploy inside a public or private cloud to share
  • Analyze traffic & performance of each virtual service

ServiceV Pro Saves Zurich Over $500K In Testing & Development Costs


“Adding in the other integrations we might require, our test environment costs can run as high as $500K, but the service virtualization capabilities provided by ServiceV Pro let us do this for a fraction of the cost."

 - Gari Gono, Solution Architect, Zurich Insurance Group

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Reduce Unavailability In Your Microservices, Containers, & 3rd-Party APIs

Don’t let unavailable web services slow down your development or testing workflow. Generate your virtual service with ServiceV Pro, then start writing production ready integrations, performance tests, or functional tests - even if the web service is not ready or unavailable. Reduce bottlenecks in your microservice architecture by virtualizaing your entire service layer! 

  • Overcome rate limits and overage charges in 3rd-Party APIs
  • Decouple your own process from unavailable internal databases or services
  • Quickly isolate poor performance during integration and load testing

Combine Definition-Driven Development & Service Virtualization

Imagine if you could integrate the full version of an API into your application before it’s actually built? Or how about writing production-ready functional or load test suites for a web-service or UI that isn't yet complete?

When you use defintion-driven development, you can import and virtualize your API defintion (OAS, WSDL), and start testing and developing in parallel. Start developing and testing immediately well before your actual API is deliverable:

  • Work against a virtualized database, if your test database is outdated or unavailable 
  • Empower testers with more control over simulated responses and error handling
  • Smooth out versioning problems and speed up resolution during continuous integration cycles

Load Test Web Services Without Worrying

Do you really want to be considered a denial-of-service attack and have your access shut off to someone else’s services (API or Database) just because you needed to know the performance and scalability of your changes made to the organization's most critical API? ServiceV dramatically simplifies:

  • Minimizing the negative impact on specific APIs or database of a load test
  • Isolating performance problems down to specific 3rd party services
  • Simulate poor API performance to build more resilient apps and integrations

Service Virtualization Fuels Delivery of Better Services

Virtual services are a great tool to reduce dependencies and delays during a delivery cycle, but is a fantastic companion to functional, load, and security testing as well. ServiceV supports virtualization of HTTP, REST, SOAP, JMS and JDBC protocols.

Through these popular protocols ServiceV Pro compliments:

  • Creating test suites before a version of the actual service is implemented.
  • Overcoming downtime in other services while developing or testing.
  • Isolating third parties that are poor targets for load testing.
  • Building more robust tests to handle positive and negative conditions.
  • Simulating conditions that depend on dynamic data.

Underlying ServiceV Pro is a common core based on a decade of open-source testing experience, including SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, Secure Pro, and ServiceV Pro. The Ready API platform gives you one experience, from functional to performance and security testing to service virtualization.


Questions? Email us at or call: U.S. +1 617-684-2600, EMEA +353 91-398300, APAC +61 391929960

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Remove dependencies on other teams or 3rd parties by virtualizing (or mocking) APIs and web services that are out of your control.

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