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To Help Accelerate New Product Launches, Ondot Turns to SmartBear Collaborator

Mentor Graphics

SmartBear Collaborator Identifies Issues Early in Development Cycle to Enable Reduction of Application Repair Costs.


Intuit Reaps the Benefits of Improved Reviews and Inspections with Collaborator

Heart Test Laboratories

To Accelerate Go-to-Market for New Healthcare Device, Heart Test Laboratories Turns to SmartBear Collaborator

Global Leader in the Power Industry

SmartBear Collaborator Reduces Code Review Time by 50% and Helps Discover Code Defects Earlier in the Development Lifecycle.


EXFO Reduces Software Development Costs While Increasing Code Review Productivity by 5X with Collaborator by SmartBear

Everi Games

SmartBear Collaborator Streamlines Code Reviews for Software Operating Electronic Gaming Units at Casinos and Race Tracks


EMC Trusts SmartBear Collaborator to Help R&D Lab Run More Efficiently

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Collaborator is the peer review tool for software teams that care about code quality and collaboration.

Here's what your 30-day trial could look like:

  • Invite other team members to join and get started reviewing source code, requirements, design docs, user stories, and more.
  • Connect with your other development tools so that code reviews are a seamless part of your process.
  • Have a question? We will be available through chat to help your team get the most out of your trial.
  • Set up custom templates, checklists, and groups to ensure that your reviews focus on what's important to your team.
  • View reports on your review process to see what types of defects your team is finding and how effective your reviews are.

Collaborator supports multiple SCMs at once: TFS, Git, Perforce, Subversion, Rational Team Concert, Synergy, ClearCase, AccuRev, CVS, and PTC Integrity.