Hybrid Deployment

Monitor Globally & in Private Networks for 360 Insights

Monitor Public and Private Websites, Web Apps, and APIs

Eliminate blind spots in your digital infrastructure with our global and private montioring options.  So whether it's a public or private website, API, application, or even a specific POS system, you can monitor that easily in AlertSite. 

  • Global Network of Monitoring Nodes - both physical and cloud locations
  • Internal Monitoring Options for Full Coverage and Flexibility with Private APIs, applications, and websites 

Monitor Your Performance from All Over the World

Your presence is global - your performance should be too. Monitor from all over the world with our global network, spread across 5 continents, 350+ nodes and 80+ locations, so you can ensure you deliver the same amazing experience no matter where your users are.

  • 350+ global nodes
  • Physical and Cloud locations
  • Tier 1 ISPs and Mobile Networks

PrivateNode Monitors in Your Private Locations

Performance inside your corporate network shouldn't be a mystery. Eliminate web and API blindspot with AlertSite PrivateNode. Get full visibility into Web, API, and Application performance from inside your corporate network. If it's

  • An application that is not public facing
    • CRM, ERP, call center applications, intranet portals, applications and APIs that may not be accessible from the public internet
    • Dev/QA environments for performance acceptance
  • A key location in your enterprise
    • remote offices, stores, specific locations
    • troubleshoot performance problems from regional offices, on-prem at customer sites and more
    • benchmark all APIs and applications served from data centers in various geographies

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  • Intuitive SaaS tool for seamless, easy deployment
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