VictorOps Integration

Alerts sent to your Incident Management Tool

Incident Management with AlertSite and VictorOps

Send Real-Time Performance Alerts to VictorOps with AlertSite

Managing performance has never been easier. Receive performance and availability alerts through VictorOps, a real-time incident management and collaboration platform for IT and DevOps teams. Know immediately when something is amiss, and receive the alerts via your preferred tool!

Be the First to Know, With a Tool You Already Use

VictorOps' on-call functionality and other communication capabilities allow you to spring into action once an AlertSite alert is triggered. Initate and resolve incidents in VictorOps with the help of AlertSite monitor availability alerts. AlertSite sends alerts to VictorOps via email or HTTP request in JSON format. Email integration is easy to set up, and JSON alert integrations are perfect for teams who use VictorOps’ Transmogrifier – in this case, the alert data comes split into separate fields.

Key Features:

  • Send alerts to VictorOps via email or HTTP request in JSON format
  • JSON alert integration for VictorOps' Transmogrifier

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