SmartBear Unveils Latest Innovations for CI/CD Pipelines at Jenkins World

TestEngine and ReadyAPI 2.8 Tailored to Dramatically Accelerate API Delivery and Blend Seamlessly with User’s Automation Process; Run Tests Simultaneously and Queue in Central Location
San Francisco and Boston — August 14, 2019 —

SmartBear, the innovative force behind the industry’s highest-impact tools to build, test, monitor, and deliver great software, announced the release of TestEngine for automating test execution in CI/CD environments, and ReadyAPI version 2.8. ReadyAPI is the API quality platform that accelerates functional, security, and load testing of RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL, and other web services. The company will demo both technologies on August 12-15, 2019 in San Francisco in booth #1330 at DevOps World | Jenkins World, the world’s largest gathering of DevOps practitioners and Jenkins users.

“We continue to deliver new capabilities in ReadyAPI, and this release allows us to deliver expanded ML-based automation, a simplified user experience, and a more robust set of integrations, as well as unveil our newest product, TestEngine,” said Gail Shlansky, Director of Products at SmartBear. “Coordinating and managing test execution and reporting are a hassle for Agile and DevOps teams. They’re hampered by complex deployments, large regression suites, and global development teams. It’s hard to efficiently run tests, not to mention effectively manage all of the organization’s growing testing needs. TestEngine fixes all of this, and it’s a package that can empower the most efficient software teams, even those distributed across the globe.”

Now, users can execute ReadyAPI, SoapUI Pro, and SoapUI Open Source tests at the same time on a central resource that’s integrated into their development processes. TestEngine provides more flexibility by allowing you to run tests in parallel – and it provides an intuitive web interface for added visibility. You can see what tests you’re queuing, control the test execution, and get analytics on usage and frequency of testing.

“Everything in this product family is designed to help our clients accelerate the delivery of quality APIs,” said Shlansky. “Building on the support for GraphQL, built-in Zephyr integration, and Intelligent Assertion Creation delivered earlier, we have once again delivered new capabilities that will help our users test and deliver even more software faster with ReadyAPI 2.8. And with the release of TestEngine, we’re also giving our open source SoapUI community a centralized resource to more effectively manage and run their tests.”

“We are excited to have SmartBear as a Spotlight sponsor of DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019,” said Andre Pino, Vice President of Marketing, CloudBees. “SmartBear continues to contribute to the DevOps community with testing functionality such as TestEngine and ReadyAPI, and to support the open source community in the use of SoapUI.”

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