What's New in ReadyAPI?

ReadyAPI 2.8

The ReadyAPI Platform continues to deliver enchanced functionality to new and existing users. This release adds powerful new functionality to data-driven testing, more robust integrations to CI/CD platforms and more:

Intelligent Data Generation

  • Automatically create a data source with values that match the data types of your request parameters, as well as references to the new generated data
  • Streamlined workflow for adding datasources, references and loops to new and exisiting test cases

Support Parallel JMS Requests in ServiceV

  • Create JMS virtual services that handle multiple incoming messages at a time with settings to limit or increase the number of concurrent threads

Updated Azure DevOps Integration

  • Publish test results after execution directly through the plugin, eliminating the need for extra steps
  • Additional options for defining the scope of tests to run

Continued UI / UX Updates

  • Added the lightweight Endpoint Explorer available to the main toolbar, giving users access from anywhere within the tool
  • Revamped the Start Page to help new users get started, and existing users get access to the resources they need
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