What's New in ReadyAPI?

ReadyAPI 3.0

The ReadyAPI Platform continues to set the bar on API testing functionality for new and existing users. This release includes an enhanced UI that delivers increased productivity, expanded GraphQL functionality, and more: 

Intuitive and Refined UI 

  • Removed the product modules and created a navigator so users can more seamlessly move between projects as well as SoapUI, LoadUI, and ServiceV 
  • Consolidated environments selection and configuration in a single dropdown 
  • Introduced project overview that serves as a one stop shop for all functional tests, performance tests and virtual services in a single project 
  • Consolidated teststeps into categories to make it easier to find 

Enhanced Support for GraphQL  ​

  • Integrated into ReadyAPI environments, auth manager, and request validation 
  • Requests are validated against GraphQL schema, and are visible throughout the platform to easily build queries 

Integration with AppDynamics for LoadUI  

  • Users that run load tests can now collect application server monitor metrics directly from AppDynamics

Configurable VirtServer Security Enhancements ​

  • Set minimum complexity requirement for passwords 
  • Apply account lockout policy 
  • User session timeouts 
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