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Selecting the right Functional Testing Solution

HP UFT SmartBear

API Testing


Silo’d solution. No ability to reuse functional tests outside of UFT.


Create Functional API Tests and then seamlessly reuse those assets to execute API Load and Security tests with only a few clicks.

Agile Ready


Supports old antiquated languages like VB.NET. Limited script reusability across software development lifecycle.


Choose from multiple languages like JavaScript, Python, VB.NET, and JScript among others. Reuse API functional tests as load and performance tests, security tests, or even for monitoring purposes.



Fits well with tools in HP ecosystem such as ALM/Quality Center. Linking to other 3rd party tools comes at an additional cost.


Out of the box plugins for source control systems, test & defect management tools, build systems, as well as API management & API definition platforms.

Open Source


Limited or no extensions for open source tools like Selenium, Appium, Swagger, & SoapUI.


We developed SoapUI and Swagger and are major contributors to Selenium.

Expert Support & Training


Insufficient guidance about how to implement product capabilities. No free trainings. Needs professional services.


Monthly fireside chats with product owners. Free basic and advanced trainings. No need of external resources for trainings.

Total Cost of Ownership


Global licensing can be complex and expensive to figure out. Expensive renewal rates, maintenance fees, and dedicated 3rd party consultant just add to the costs.


Simple, straight-forward pricing structure. No more paying for features that you don’t use or need. Buy what you need when you need.

Move from HP to SmartBear today and get better support and lower costs. Get up-and-running quickly with a straightforward migration process. It’s a no brainer.

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UI Functional Testing

Functional Test Automation for Desktop, Mobile and Web

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  SoapUI Pro

API Functional Testing

Write, run, integrate and automate advanced API tests

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Get Better Support and Lower Costs today with SmartBear

SmartBear provides a modern, affordable alternative to HP’s Testing solutions – backed by an expert support team committed to your success. Talk to an HP Migration Specialist today to learn about the benefits of moving to SmartBear first-hand.

  • Robust, Affordable solutions for:
    • UI Test Automation
    • Test Management
    • Load Testing
    • API Functional Testing
  • Get up-and-running quickly with a straightforward migration process
  • Rooted in open source as the creators of SoapUI and Swagger
  • Integrated with Selenium, Appium, Jenkins, GitHub, and more

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