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Zephyr Enterprise
SaaS or On-Premise
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Starts at 20 users
A standalone solution to answer the most complex organizational and regulatory requirements
Key advantages:
  • Bi-directional & multi-instance Jira integration
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Enterprise-grade test planning and auditing
  • Flexible support for third-party automation frameworks
  • Legacy ALM migration path and transition plan
  • Premium enterprise support



Flexible deployment   Hosted by SmartBear in AWS
Flexible upgrades   Calendar-based
Flexible management   Managed by SmartBear
Scalable Resources   Managed by SmartBear
Disaster recovery    
Backups    (up to 3 months)
Staging and development environments    (additional cost)
Self-Monitor   Managed by SmartBear
Self-managed security and firewalls   Managed by SmartBear
Self-managed Licenses   Managed by SmartBear
Automation tool Integrations    

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