Exposing API Vulnerabilities: API Security Testing with ReadyAPI

In some ways, the most valuable asset an organization owns is its data. Threats to that data have to be identified and, hopefully, eliminated so you don’t put that value at risk. However, with the rise of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) comes the potential for more security holes, meaning developers need to understand the vulnerabilities to keep corporate and customer data safe. With such an accelerated shift to API-based architectures, its important to note that in many ways, APIs provide the easiest access point for a hacker who wants your data.  

In fact, APIs have been called the “next frontier in cybercrime” and rightly so. API breaches continue to pop up in companies both big and small. And as more services expose more sensitive data, the value of these endpoints increases to hackers.

So how can you secure your APIs and keep your sensitive data safe?

Join the webinar and find out! Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How hackers leverage APIs
  • Real world case studies + vulnerabilities
  • API security best practices
  • OWASP Top 10
  • How ReadyAPI secures APIs
Duration: 60 minutes

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