What's New in 2021 for SwaggerHub On-Prem

With every release, our team is working to bring additional functionality and improvements to SwaggerHub for On-Prem, making it easier-to-use, more powerful, and more secure. 

To make it easy to know what's new, we're hosting a session to walk through what we've added in updates over the course of the past year. We'll be sharing a little bit about our roadmap and outlining some updates to our support policy.

Also, we'll be looking to hear from you about the best way to alert your team to new releases.

Some of the features we'll be covering include:

  • New plugins for VS Code and IntelliJ IDEA
  • Security updates, including 90% CIS Compliance
  • Enhancements to CI/CD integrations with the Registry API and CLI commands
Duration: 1 hour

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