Unimestre, based in Brazil, provides desktop and Web applications to help school systems track student grades and attendance as well as tuition payments and other student information.

To ensure the applications meet customer expectations, Unimestre relies on SmartBear TestComplete, an automated software testing platform for desktop, mobile and Web applications.

Two TestComplete features that the Unimestre software team finds particularly helpful are Object Spy, which lets developers quickly select an object from a screen to view its properties and methods; and Record & Replay, which generates realistic application usage scenarios in order to create load tests without writing scripts. TestComplete also integrates easily with the repository of Unimestre’s source control manager program—Git.

In comparison to other testing tools, such as IBM Rational, Martins adds that his team found TestComplete easier to use. “We appreciate that TestComplete comes with a more comprehensive set of functions as well as more in-depth documentation,” says Martins. “In addition, our software team can leverage TestComplete to more easily exchange development experiences so that we can learn from each other and improve our programming skills.

“We deployed TestComplete because we needed to reduce the amount of time spent on software testing. It used to take our team 10 hours to completely test software with complex processes, code operations and interlinked screens. But after implementing TestComplete, it now takes us only five hours to test the same components. Reducing testing time by 50% means we can deliver new software and updates to our customers that much faster.”
— Luiz Martins, Quality Analyst of Educational Systems
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