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New Dawn Technologies, creators of the JustWare Solutions, needed a tool to test their applications user interface. After trying several different products they found that TestComplete offered more features and allowed them to better test their application.

Searching for an Automated Testing Solution

New Dawn conducted an extensive search for a product that would enable them to test the user interface of their application. "We could test our code, but needed a better way to test the actual usability of our product. We tried several different products and found that TestComplete offered more functionality and allowed us to better test our application," said Joshua Waite from New Dawn Technologies.

A New Level of Testing

Joshua described what they needed from TestComplete: "TestComplete offered the type of testing that we needed. With TestComplete, we moved our testing to a new level. Now we can test the back end of our code using Visual Studio and then, by integrating TestComplete with Visual Studio, test the front end. Our tests are more precise and mimic user input and actions with precision."

From Hours to Minutes

"We spent hours writing some user tests in Visual Studio but in TestComplete we can write the same test in a matter of minutes. Thanks to TestComplete, we can test our application far more thoroughly in the same amount of time," said Joshua.

TestComplete Benefits

Joshua expressed how TestComplete has helped New Dawn: "TestComplete has helped us improve productivity, increase the number of tests written and run daily, and test more items in our application, items that Visual Studio could not test. Also, TestComplete allowed us to integrate Visual Studio and Automated Build Studio.

"TestComplete’s ability to automate user input and actions really helped our project. Writing these tests in Visual Studio took a long time. The ability to record what you are doing and have that run every night in an automated test is amazing. We were able to take our own actions, add a few more lines of code, and our test was written. Having the ability to test the front end proved very valuable.

Write Tests In Minutes Instead of Hours

"Writing tests in TestComplete is a lot faster that our previous methods. TestComplete enables us to write a test in minutes, while writing the same test in Visual Studio took several hours," said Joshua.

"Time is money. By enabling us to write more tests faster, TestComplete enabled us to produce an application more quickly and with fewer bugs. When we released our product we were confident that bugs were not an issue and that the application was stable and functioning as designed."

Improved Confidence

"TestComplete enabled us to produce a more stable product because we wrote more tests. We were certain that bugs were either known or non-existent. We were able to release our application on time with the confidence that our customers would be satisfied with its performance," said Joshua.

Increased Test Coverage

Joshua described how TestComplete has increased their test coverage: "Before we started using TestComplete, our motto was that if a test took longer than 2 hours to write, it probably wasn’t worth testing. We mostly relied on manual testing to catch bugs and test functionality. With TestComplete, we were able to automate the rigorous and monotonous task of manual testing and implement other usability tests that took too long to write previously. Our number of tests almost doubled, and we test the application much more thoroughly. Currently, we have just over 250 automated tests written in TestComplete. Before we automated our tests in TestComplete, our automated tests written in Visual Studio were run using Automated Build Studio. We run all of our tests nightly."

A Great Tool

"I highly recommend TestComplete. I would recommend TestComplete to any test department in the industry. It is definitely a great tool to include in any development environment," said Joshua.


TestComplete has allowed New Dawn to go from "If a test took longer than 2 hours to write, it probably wasn’t worth testing" to regularly and quickly automating their rigorous and monotonous manual and other usability tests. They've increased test coverage, improved the quality of their software and are more confident about product releases.

It's no surprise that Joshua has positive last words on TestComplete: "I highly recommend TestComplete. I would recommend TestComplete to any test department in the industry. It is definitely a great tool to include in any development environment."

About JustWare

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About New Dawn Technologies

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New Dawn Technologies

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