Futura International, Inc.

Futura International, Inc. initially entered the market with specialized software for the Orthotic and Prosthetic market and later expanded into the HME market.

Futura has been providing a windows based management applications since 1998 and in today’s rapidly changing environment, it is essential to have the highest quality, user-friendly, Windows-based management software available. This is particularly true when considering the ever-changing requirements of the healthcare field and DMERC carriers.

With all of this in mind, Futura has developed the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant management system designed specifically for the Orthotic and Prosthetic providers and the DME industry. With our software, you will experience the power to automate and streamline every process involving patient records, transactions, claims, as well as enhance cash flow, and maintain healthcare standards (PHI security control).

Futura International, Inc., delivers Practice Management Software for healthcare professionals. Recently, Futura's Truman Kimery took the time to tell us how TestComplete helps him in a one employee Quality Assurance department.

TestComplete and a Small Department

Futura's QA Department currently has one employee responsible for all testing. "Due to the shop only having one tester, an automation solution like TestComplete makes it a lot easier for a sole tester to create test scripts, product test coverage and run through many highly-repetitive tests. The ability to provide extensive test coverage of a large application when only one tester is available is priceless for us," said Truman.

Performing More Tests with One Tester

Truman said that TestComplete allows him to perform a significantly higher number of tests on their application. "Many of the tests that TestComplete allows us to run are highly repetitive and it would never be possible to perform them manually."

"With only one official tester in the company, the ability to automate many of the tests performed against the application has allowed us to achieve a significant amount of coverage. Due to the size and scope of AUT’s capabilities, this is the only way coverage would be possible."

Truman said that his Project Suite comprises of over 104 test scripts and that's not including utility scripts. "Breaking this down into actual tests performed would yield a much larger number. Every time a new version of the application is compiled we add more tests."

"Tests are usually automated once they are deemed important and it is determined that the test would be easy to automate."

Recommending TestComplete

"TestComplete is by far the best solution I have seen on the market and provides the most bang for the buck. I have not run into a single other automated testing application that allows such an extensive visibility into the application under test. Without those capabilities, we would not have been able to automate testing at all. I strongly recommend TestComplete for anyone considering automated testing and especially when they are using a lot of third-party components," said Truman.

"The ability to view all of our application's components in such detail because of the Open technology of TestComplete is a great benefit to our project as we use many third-party components that no other automated testing solution could work with efficiently."
— Truman Kimery, Quality Assurance Department
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