Case Study: FlexMedical

OCERIS Depends on AQtime to Improve Performance of FlexMedical Software.

About FlexMedical

OCERIS produces high-quality software for the medical industry. To fulfill the industry’s need for easy-to-use, intuitive software, OCERIS created FlexMedical, which brings medical software up to date.

OCERIS is strictly focused on producing the highest quality software for the medical industry. Recognizing the lack of easy-to-use, intuitive software, OCERIS created FlexMedical to bring medical software up-to-date. With such a high focus on building quality software, OCERIS chose AQtime to help improve FlexMedical's speed and performance.

"AQtime is easy to use, very affordable, and does a lot more for the money involved. You won’t get boxed in with a single code base or framework since it works with Win32, .NET and even 64 bit applications"
Ryan McGinty, from OCERIS

A Need for Advanced Debugging

"As FlexMedical grew, the need for more advanced debugging and profiling became critical. The primary AQtime profilers that we use are the Allocation, Coverage, and Performance. Small memory leaks were starting to affect the product’s ability to work 24x7 and, as our customer base grew, the need for the highest quality code became more and more important," said Ryan McGinty from OCERIS.

Choosing AQtime

Ryan explained how they discovered AQtime: "We started using other products for profiling, but all fell short in one way or another. After discovering TestComplete, we looked into AQtime and found it to be far superior to what we had used in the past and at nearly the same price. Plus AQtime matches our development environment, BDS2006, in that it can profile a variety of applications including Win32, .NET, and x64."

Combining TestComplete and AQtime

"Whenever a new section of code is written, it is profiled for memory leaks. We then test the coverage of our unit tests or UI tests to ensure that we are testing all of the code. Finally, if there are performance issues, we’ll line profile to see where the bottlenecks exist. When combined with TestComplete, AQtime is extremely powerful and flexible. With TestComplete 5, we simply set TestComplete to run our application under one of AQtime’s profilers and everything is handled automatically. We can quickly, and easily, get complete coverage reports to discover weak points in our testing," said Ryan.

Quickly Pinpointing Problematic Code

"AQtime helped us speed up old code that was less than optimized. Using the performance profiler we were able to quickly pinpoint pieces of code that were poorly written and correct them, then verify the results. With AQtime, we now have less memory leaks and better test coverage. Also, debugging hard to find issues, like memory leaks, no longer requires guessing. AQtime points out the problem in the actual line of the source code that is causing it." said Ryan.

OCERIS on AQtime

"In any size project, no matter what development environment you use, you are going to need to test for memory leaks and profile your code’s performance. AQtime is easy to use, very affordable, and does a lot more for the money involved. You won’t get boxed in with a single code base or framework since it works with Win32, .NET and even 64 bit applications," said Ryan.


AQtime has helped OCERIS find memory leaks, bottlenecks and optimize their FlexMedical application while saving many hours and reducing debugging costs.

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