Esaote is one of the leaders in the sector of biomedical equipment (in particular, ultrasound, dedicated magnetic resonance and software to manage the diagnostic process). The Esaote group has approximately 1100 employees, of which over 200 in the Research and Development department. Esaote is present with its industrial and research units in Italy and the Netherlands and in 2004 established a joint-venture in China for the production of ultrasound scanners.

Esaote is an extremely successful industrial and technological entity in the Italian research panorama. It is one of the Italian companies which have considerable technological competencies and are significant in terms of employment. It operates in sectors with a high technological content, with important production and research and development units in Liguria and Tuscany and strongly projected in the international markets.

MyLab™ World groups the latest generation of ultrasound devices made by Esaote. The new products are based on state-of-the-art digital platforms that provide high resolution in both morphologic and functional (perfusion) studies. State-of-the-art technology and design solutions in Esaote's most sophisticated systems provide superb image quality.

Esaote is a leader in the biomedical equipment sector. They deal with ultrasound, dedicated magnetic resonance and related software to manage the diagnostic process. Defect control is especially critical when working with equipment and software for medical processes. With such a high-stress testing environment, Esaote needed an automated testing solution that could meet their challenging requirements and they chose TestComplete.

A Dual Approach

Esaote wanted to use a dual approach to improve the quality of their products. "To improve the quality of our products, we decided to use a dual approach that includes both automated and manual testing. The two approaches were intended to address different aspects of testing," said Ilaria Rizzo from Esaote.

"The automated testing is used to stress our applications beyond what is humanly possible in terms of time and repetition. These tests can be executed at any time and are often performed at night."

"This is useful both during development to verify specifically that the latest changes to the code have not introduced unexpected bugs, and during release to perform a wider range of tests on our applications."

Choosing TestComplete

"Early last year we began a study to select a product that would be able to meet our requirements. After examining other products which were unsatisfactory, an internet search turned up TestComplete and TestExecute: products that met our requirements 100%," said Ilaria.

"In particular, these two products combine ease of use with powerful features and feature great stability, despite being adapted to very different scenarios. All at an extremely competitive price."

"In addition, and no less importantly, the technical support we received during our trials was efficient, quick and of the highest quality."

TestComplete Benefits

Ilaria describe the TestComplete learning curve: "Learning to use TestComplete was very easy. Unlike other products that use proprietary languages, TestComplete is based on scripts in a standard language; therefore finding online documentation and examples is very easy. The ObjectBrowser is a powerful tool to inspect your application and its controls and related methods. It makes it possible to access anything from test scripts by just cutting and pasting."

Saving Time and Money

"TestComplete allows us to organize the test projects inside of a suite and define parametric functions to make the test modular without having to continually resort to the play-back function," said Ilaria.

"The price of TestComplete is extremely competitive and the price includes rapid and efficient technical support. Furthermore, it is well known that a widely tested product reduces the after-sales burden and reduces the cost of services."

Increasing Test Coverage

Ilaria described how TestComplete increased their overall testing: "TestComplete allowed us to introduce load testing and therefore optimize our applications’ memory management and resource management. Also, we are presently translating our internal acceptance checklists to verify functional aspects in the same number of test suites. Currently, we have implemented about ten test scenarios which cover various aspects of our applications: navigating the image archives, exporting images in AVI/BMP and DICOM formats, and connectivity."

TestComplete Stability

"The main quality of TestComplete is its stability. Unlike the other products that we tried before selecting it, TestComplete's test execution rarely hangs up because it manages unexpected situations very well. If I can repeat myself again, another advantage is the competent and rapid technical support, which greatly helped us in several cases," said Ilaria.

"If you need an intuitive, powerful, stable tool that’s reasonably priced, look no further! TestComplete is what you need!"
— Ilaria Rizzo, from Esaote

Esaote saves time and money while doing more testing with their dual testing procedure via TestComplete. They have increased their testing coverage and saved money by reducing the after-sales burden associated with software that is not adequately tested.

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