Today's applications depend heavily on APIs, which means testing those applications also depends heavily on those same APIs. With ServiceV Pro, you can keep your project moving on time and on budget by using virtual services as stand-ins for those APIs.

  • Add throttling and server settings to test the application's response to an overwhelmed API.

  • Set error conditions to validate your application's ability to handle unavailable APIs.

  • Provide virtual services for your partners and external developers to build and test against.

Provide an API Sandbox

The VirtServer allows you to deploy your virtual APIs to a server so you can share them with other team members or external development teams. Our management interface gives you the flexibility to activate/deactivate virts as well as configure them for external use.

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Easily Create Virts

Create virts from scratch or use an existing API to generate a virtual service. You can also have ServiceV Pro convert a service description into a virt.

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Use API Discovery to Create Virts

Create virts easily by recording HTTP traffic to discover APIs. Filter on specific content types and error codes for extra power.

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Enable Development

ServiceV Pro lets you run as many virts as you want to locally, enabling your local development to continue without barriers.

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Customize Virt Actions

Set up the requests and associated responses for each virt so you can simulate exact conditions based on your own testing needs. ServiceV Pro also lets you decide your own Dispatch Strategy for ultimate flexibility.

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Simulate Server-Side Behavior

For complete testing flexibility, use ServiceV Pro to configure specific behaviors by setting bandwidth constraints, error conditions and response time ranges.

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Create Data-Driven Virtual Services

Enhance your virtual services by using test data from external sources like Excel, a delimited file, or a grid. Share data sources between SoapUI NG Pro and ServiceV Pro for even greater consistency in your testing.

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API Recording & Fast Switching

Use high performance API routing capabilities in ServiceV to record traffic as a mock and perform fault isolation.

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Generate Dynamic Mock Data

Generate data on-the-fly for long running tests based on a set of criteria. By using our defined data types, you can quickly set up the ability to generate responses from your virtual API.

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Advanced API Routing, Simplified

Create simple rules to turn static mocks into quickly designed virtual APIs, maintaining the minimum complexity for the maximum effectiveness in your team.

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