Projects enable maximum reuse across ReadyAPI

Manage your APIs in one central location -reusing endpoints, assertions, data and more.

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Define and Manage All Of Your Tests in One Location

The ReadyAPI suite allows you to manage your workspace in one location, then use that workspace with all the ReadyAPI applications. Using the Projects feature, you can:

  • Create and maintain projects, as well as view summary information for each project and how it has been used across the tools.
  • Add WSDLs/WADLs or import APIs from other service descriptions.
  • Generate tests and virts for each API.
  • Add, copy, and modify operations, methods, and requests used in your tests.

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ReadyAPI is a suite of tools to help you ensure high quality, performance, and security in your APIs. One download gives you access to the features of each tool within a unified experience.

  • Automate functional testing to make sure that your APIs perform as expected in less time.
  • Use our compatible load testing tool in ReadyAPI, to run load tests against your API functional tests.
  • Ensure fast and reliable integration for your external development teams and 3rd-party APIs using ReadyAPI's virtualization module.

ReadyAPI supports REST, SOAP, GraphQL and IOT protocols