Test Automation Using Smart Assertions

Create thousands of validation points in just seconds against your API - cutting test creation time down by hours

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Introducing The Smartest Way To Test Your APIs

QA and Development teams spend hours on creating assertions against hundreds of different endpoints and APIs that validate basic functionality - functionality that might even be described using an API definition file like OpenAPI or WSDLs. ReadyAPI's new Smart Assertion capability will learn from your APIs response and intelligently create assertions to give you maximum test coverage.

1) Analyze

The Smart Assertion engine will analyze and parse your APIs responses over time, even linking API requests between each other if data is shared.

2) Learn

Once your APIs response is analyzed, ReadyAPI will continually learn, building a model of how your APIs request and response relationship is 

3) Create Assertions

Create a Smart Assertion and see the magic happen - you'll see assertions created against your entire payload.

4) Automate

Easily integrate your Smart Assertions into your CI/CD pipeline with native integrations or our Command-Line interface.


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ReadyAPI is an easy-to-use no-code API Testing platform designed to streamline your testing workflows.

  • Automate and scale your end-to-end tests across multiple API types
  • Run compatible load tests against your functional tests
  • Enable virtualization to ensure fast and reliable integrations for your development teams

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