Improve Collaboration, Gain More Visibility, and Perform Faster Testing


  • Collaborate: Easily link test cases to user stories, requirements, defects, or tasks to one another. 

  • Customize: Create custom fields, define workflows, or assign permissions as per your testing needs.

  • Integrate: Powerful out of the box integrations with Jira, TFS, Rally, along with popular automated testing tools like Selenium, SoapUI, and TestComplete. 

  • Track: Get 50 plus detailed traceability and coverage reports to track your testing progress and take actionable next steps.


Centralized Test Case Management

Manage, organize, and report on all your testing efforts in a central place using QAComplete. Centrally store your manual and automated testing assets to promote reusability. Allow your testing teams to communicate more effectively, while staying organized and keeping a track of changes with proper version control.

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Easily Manage Test Execution

QAComplete allows you to combine automated and manual tests as a part of one run. You can also kick off automated tests on different machines on a schedule. Support for running Selenium, SoapUI, TestComplete included. Once tests have run, you can choose from over 50 plus dashboards to report and track your testing progress.

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Defect Logging and Tracking

Create bugs within QAComplete or raise issues in other bug tracking tools like Jira, Bugzilla etc. Out of the box plugins are available for linking test results to issues in bug tracking tools. The plugins help you eliminate manual efforts and push bugs directly to Jira and other bug tracking tools. After creating defects, you can run powerful reports to track test progress.

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Traceability Matrix and Reports

Easily establish a relation among requirements, tests, and defects. QAComplete also allows you to prioritize tests based on risk assessment level of requirements or user stories. Generate comprehensive project reports to track coverage and progress. The traceability matrix along with other reports helps you review information about defects, tests and requirements in one place.

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Reports and Metrics for Software Testing

Choose from over 50+ dashboards and reports to make smarter decisions about the readiness of each release. Get end-to-end visibility across requirements, tests, and defects or see the results of your automated test runs together with your manual tests. Compare results across different test runs and configurations to get insight into the state of your release.

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Easily Plan a Testing Process for Full Visibility

Quickly manage a complex testing process by getting full visibility into changes and their impact with versioning. QAComplete comes with built-in modules for requirements, test, & defect management. You can also connect QAComplete to other requirement management tools like Rally, VersionOne, and TFS. Best-in-class integrations with JIRA, Bugzilla, and other defect tracking tools are also available.

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Manage, Track, Organize Manual & Automated Tests

Plan, track, and proactively manage manual, automated, and API tests in one repository to mitigate risk. Launch with certainty by getting up-to-date information about your open source Selenium and SoapUI tests along with TestComplete and Ready! API tests.

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Fits Well With Agile & Traditional Testing Approaches

Use out-of-the-box templates or create custom workflows to match the way your Waterfall, Agile, or DevOps process is set up. Define custom environments across variety of tests or use existing two way integration with Jira and other systems to get started quickly.

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Make Informed Decisions Using Test Reports & Dashboards

Choose from over 50 plus reports and dashboards to get a better understanding of test coverage, defect trending, and sprint status. Isolate, resolve, and automate the resolution of testing bottlenecks by defining escalation rules and getting instant notifications.

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Save Time and Increase Productivity

Improve reusability across your testing cycle – sprint, releases, and requirements – by separating test logic from data. Increase coverage by pulling data from external sources.

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Sample Free Test Case Template in Excel

Sample Test Case template in Excel. Software Test Case Template Example. QA test case template xls. Test case design template.

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