Code Review Integration for Jira

Review code in Collaborator and send bugs to Jira to track


In this video, we walk through how Collaborator integrates with Jira to improve traceability and defect tracking.

Robust Code Review Tied to Jira

In our annual State of Code Review reports, we continue to discover that the majority of teams are using Jira for their bug tracking. Jira helps teams drive their projects forward but peer reviews can still be a bottleneck.

Collaborator, our peer code and document review tool, seamlessly integrates so that your team can accelerate those peer reviews and build quality into projects early.

Our integration enables your team to:

  • Send bugs that you find in Collaborator directly to Jira as issues
  • Link tasks to reviews so you can quickly reference review details
  • See the status of reviews within Jira for easy management


Link Seamlessly to Structured Reviews

Review Templates and Remote System Links

Collaborator enables your team to build a custom review process that fits your team's needs. You can set up custom checklists to ensure reviewers address specific concerns, set participant requirements, and easily link to other tools. 

On the left, you can a section called "Remote System Links". From there, you can easily link reviews to tools like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Jira so you can easily connect your reviews to the rest of your project.

Tracking Defects in Collaborator and Jira

You can also see that there is a "Defect Log" for each review. Defects are anything that needs to be fixed before the review can be completed. Defects marked by the red bug were found in a review and will turn green when the fix is approved by a reviewer.

The first defect listed, marked by a blue bug, was something that was identified in the review as something that needs to be fixed but shouldn't hold up the review. This bug is being tracked externally instead as a ticket in Jira.

What does the Jira integration do?

Two things. The first is linking Collaborator reviews to existing Jira tickets, and the second is creating new Jira tickets from Collaborator.

Can I get back to my code review from Jira?

Yes! When you connect a Collaborator review to a ticket in Jira, we add a link in the Jira ticket back to the review. We do the same when you create a Jira ticket from Collaborator.

What other information is shared between Jira and Collaborator?

We share the status of the code review and ticket between the two systems.

Can I update a Jira ticket when my Collaborator review closes out?

We haven't gotten that far yet, but Collaborator is very flexible; between our generic event triggers and API, you have all the tools you need to build custom integrations!


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Collaborator is the peer review tool for software teams that care about code quality and collaboration.

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Collaborator supports multiple SCMs at once: TFS, Git, Perforce, Subversion, Rational Team Concert, Synergy, ClearCase, AccuRev, CVS, and PTC Integrity.