Conducting Collaborator Code Reviews in Rational Team Concert (RTC)

IBM's Rational Team Concert, or RTC, is an application lifecycle management tool used by many teams. Collaborator is the only code review tool that integrates with RTC, so that developers can conduct robust code reviews without leaving their ALM platform. Our integration makes it easy to:

  • Create new reviews automatically with work item state changes
  • Create review manually in the pending changes, history or work items views
  • Modify templates, custom fields, and assign reviewers within RTC
  • Make comments and mark defects on both code and documents 

What Collaborator Code Reviews Add To Your Development Environment

Working in Visual Studio can often speed up your team's development and generate helpful shortcuts, but without a quality ensurance layer on top of it all, hours of rework can start to pile up.  With Collaborator, you have the ability to customize reviews to fit your best workflow, track defects and related conversations, and see metrics on your code review process to make internal improvements.

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