Industries Where Code Quality is Critical

Conduct Comprehensive Peer Reviews of Documents and Source Code in Collaborator

Expensive Defects, Rising Recalls, and Painful Compliance Burdens 

Companies developing software in highly-regulated industries face many challenges. Software defects reaching production can have life or death consequences. If a requirement or design doc isn't reviewed properly, it could trigger weeks of rework. Product recalls caused by software vulnerabilities are on the rise in nearly every industry. On top of all of this, development teams have to adhere to strict software assurance practices that require extensive process documentation.

Collaborator is the only enterprise-grade code and document review tool, specifically designed to address these challenges.


Automotive software is only getting more complex. Collaborator enables teams to customize a peer review quality gate, ensuring that defects are caught early and compliance standards like Automotive SPICE® and ISO 26262 are easy to meet.

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Aerospace & Defense

Safety critical software needs a robust and traceable peer review process. Create a software audit trail in Collaborator so that compliance with DO-178C & AS9100 is as simple as extending a license or exporting custom reports and metrics.

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Whether your team is developing a patient portal, medical device software, or a new mHealth application, quality and security are paramount. Embed your project priorities and compliance requirements in your development workflow with customizable review templates.

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Financial Services

Building software that incorporates personal financial information comes with security expectations like PCI DSS. Your team can use Collaborator to conduct thorough reviews, mark approvals with e-signatures, and capture a comprehensive record of feedback and changes for easy audit preparation.

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Video Games

Join the industry leaders in pursuing glitch-free code quality. Most of the major gaming studios trust Collaborator to ensure that each update and launch is reviewed properly.

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Embedded Systems

Recalls are expensive and embedded systems need to be built to last. Join the leading semiconductor suppliers around the world in investing in Collaborator for peer code and document review.

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Collaborator is the enterprise-grade peer code and document review tool helping teams launch rockets, bring medical devices to market, and build some of the world's most popular video games.

Here's what to expect during the next 30 days of your trial:

  • Invite other team members to join your trial and get started reviewing each other's code and documents.
  • Connect with your other development tools so that code reviews are a seamless part of your process.
  • Ask us questions! We will be available to guide you through learning the basics of Collaborator through chat.
  • Set up custom templates, checklists, and groups to ensure that your reviews are focused on what's important to your team.
  • View reports on your review process to see what types of defects your team is finding and how effective your reviews are.

Collaborator supports multiple SCMs at once: TFS, Git, Perforce, Subversion, Rational Team Concert, Synergy, ClearCase, AccuRev, CVS, and PTC Integrity.


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