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Optimize your code with AQtime's Productivity Tool Set. With AQtime Pro, developers are able to track down memory leaks, CPU, and other I/O bottlenecks, perform comprehensive code coverage analysis, and perform fault simulation.

  • Improve Application Performance: With multiple modes for application performance analysis, developers can start with a quick performance inspection using the lightweight sampling profiler.
  • Optimize Memory Usage: See your application's memory and resources allocations in real time to better help detect excessive memory and resource usage. 
  • Measure Code Coverage: Understand which source files, functions, and lines of code have been covered by tests, are untested, or partially tested.
  • Test Fault Tolerance: Simulate faults during your application run and monitor their impact on the application behavior without making changes to the source code. 

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"With AQtime, we are able to configure, run, and get accurate results in a few minutes, which allows more team members to use the tool more often." — Peter Varga, Autodesk