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AQtime Pro Application Performance Prifiling

  • Pin down memory and resource leaks in your application.
  • Find performance bottlenecks in applications and scripts.
  • Measure code coverage during manual application runs and automated regression tests.
  • Standalone or integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio and Embarcadero RAD Studio IDEs.​
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  • Do trials require a valid email address?
    Yes they do. We email you a license key and/or login information so a valid email address is needed.
  • If I buy the software will I have to re-install it?
    In most cases the software does not need to be reinstalled or reconfigured once purchased.

"AQtime allows us to quickly and painlessly discover performance bottlenecks in our code. Performance tools that we have used in the past have not worked at all, worked too slowly, or required far too much setup time to be used on our large, real world CAD applications involving millions of lines of code and hundreds of modules. With AQtime, we are able to configure, run, and get accurate results in a few minutes, which allows more team members to use the tool more often."

Peter Varga