Monitor Your Business Critical User Transactions

  • Record and Playback Transactions
  • Reuse Existing Selenium Scripts
  • Monitor Around The Globe, 24x7
  • Optimize Overall User Experience

Website and web apps are getting richer in order to deliver excellent end user experience. Identify your business critical transactions - logins, search, add to cart, checkout etc - and watch over them from around the world or from within your firewall.

Stop using your end users as the first line of defense and be the first one to find out about broken transactions. Use our free recorder or reuse your existing Selenium scripts to create multi-step transactions monitors.

Scriptless Transaction Monitoring, Only A Few Clicks Away

Find and Fix Issues Before They Impact Your Users

Point and Click Web Recorder for Scriptless Monitoring

Record logins, search, add to cart, payment processing and admin activities using DejaClick, our free 'point and click' recorder, and upload the script to AlertSite for simple and sophisticated transaction monitoring.

Monitor all Key Navigation Paths from where your users are

Simulate actual user interactions and business processes with your application, along with clicks and keystokes, from our independent network of 350 Global nodes or behind your firewall using Private Nodes.

Finding the Problem Shouldn't be like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

Knowing there's a problem is only half of the battle. AlertSite shows you where the problem lies – is it your code or a third party? Integration with leading deep dive APM tools brings you to the application code.

Monitor Multi-Step User Transactions 

  • Create real browser transaction monitors that navigate through your website using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, similar to the way a real user would do it.
  • AlertSite's built-in recorder DéjàClick records user transactions such as loggin in, checkout etc and creates monitors with the recorded script without any additional coding.
  • Or reuse your existing Selenium scripts to create multi-step web transaction monitors from your functional tests.  

See Your Key Transactions Just Like Your User Would

  • Your revenue generating transactions depend on your line of business - it could be loggin-in, adding items to cart, admin activities, form submissions or checkout
  • Record these transactions and see how they behave from our global monitoring network or from within your network or private cloud using our private nodes.
  • Monitor page load, DOM load, above the fold and other user experience metrics that show you how an end user experiences that transaction.

Ensure Performance Globally or Within Your Network

  • Monitor from our independent network of over 350 monitoring nodes spread across the world.
  • Emulate user transactions from real browsers, various Tier 1 Internet Service Providers and wireless networks. 
  • Monitor from behind your firewall - within your datacenter or private cloud using out private monitoring nodes for your internal mobile websites or applications. 
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Provide Excellent User Experience

  • Monitor your websites and web applications at the real browser level, where all the dynamic components of your applications come together.
  • Real-browser monitors collect additional metrics that reflect web page load time from the user’s point of view, such as the time when the browser starts rendering the page.
  • These metrics help you understand what your website users are actually experiencing in real time, and not just the network activities that are happening in the background.
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Don't Overpay for A Simple Up/Down Ping

  • Migration experts ready to help switch you from your current vendor
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Value for Money

  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • No coding required
  • Fastest Time to Value
  • Premium synthetic monitoring for less

Premium Synthetic Monitoring

  • Unified platform to proactively ensure API and application health
  • Find and Fix performance issues before they impact your users and business
  • Fastest Alerting on the Planet

Active Partnerships

  • Make AlertSite your performance partner
  • Be part of our Customer Advisory Board and make your voice heard
  • Excellent support and customer success advisors to help you become an AlertSite pro

Ecosystem Friendly

Seamlessly integrates with all of your NOC essentials:

  • AppDynamics
  • PagerDuty
  • Splunk
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • Ready API
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