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SwaggerHub for AWS

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service making it easy for developers to create, maintain, and secure APIs at any scale. SwaggerHub, by SmartBear, is an integrated API design and documentation platform that enables organizations to drive consistency and discipline across their development workflow. Together, they make APIs easier to develop, deploy, and use at scale.

Faster Development

Amazon API Gateway makes delivering APIs easy at any scale. SwaggerHub supports fast design and management by serving as a single source of truth for documentation and ensuring APIs are designed with development guidelines and standards.

Optimize Usability

With standards and governance, ensure your APIs are built to your organization's standards. Deliver without deliberation by enforcing style guides, linting, and standardization. With domains, reuse components across your portfolio. Make public APIs highly usable for external consumers with SwaggerHub Portal.

Streamline the API Workflow

Maintain a reliable source of truth for your APIs in SwaggerHub with helpful AWS integrations. Keep your APIs in sync with API Gateway and AWS Lambda to ensure resources and designs are in sync in one known location. Track usage and generate alerts with SwaggerHub Portal.

Customer Stories


"Using SwaggerHub, we can easily standardize the API design and achieve the level of quality we expect, more efficiently and more easily. We think SwaggerHub is a good tool. It supports what we are trying to seek."

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"By taking a design-first approach in SwaggerHub, our designers could start with a customer requirement and create an API specification, then have it reviewed by architects, developers, testers and customers, all before publishing and beginning development."

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“At SmartBear, we are thrilled to join forces with Amazon Web Services in a partnership that brings immense value to development teams and the organizations they support. Together, AWS's powerful API Gateway and SmartBear's leading API development platform, SwaggerHub, provide an unparalleled solution for driving efficiency, consistency, and quality throughout the API journey.”

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