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Test management and behavior-driven development (BDD) goes beyond software-release readiness. It helps you develop the right software from the start. Zephyr test management and Cucumber BDD solutions help your teams deliver quality software quickly and iteratively, ensuring that your products interact flawlessly with your customers.

Use Cases

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Integration in Jira

Zephyr Scale helped a multinational energy company effectively manage their testing in Jira – end to end – without making it too complicated for the team.

"With some of the other ones, you have to set up the workflow and everything, you have to set up the fields and the layout. Whereas with Zephyr Scale, it’s simply a case of installing the add-on and then enabling it for the project, and then everything is there."

— Ishtiaq Qureshi  |  Test Manager

Meeting regulatory requirements

Working in the finance industry, end-to-end traceability with Jira was paramount for Wüstenrot & Württembergische. Zephyr Scale made it simpler to navigate the complex requirements of financial services.

"Traceability reports are something we have to provide from a regulatory perspective. This is possible with other tools, but it’s very complex. Whereas in Zephyr Scale it’s as simple as getting the report in one click."

— Claus Stanullo  |  Test Manager at Wüstenrot & Württembergische

Multi-project support

Zephyr Enterprise offers diversity in the way teams operate – agile to waterfall – with the ability to consolidate data from multiple Jira instances. And it helped this leading technology innovator support multiple project teams and development methodologies in parallel.

Real-time visibility

Acerta streamlined their internal processes and got the visibility they were looking for in Zephyr Enterprise. Multiple, ready-to-use reports and customizable dashboards now update in real-time with all testing info – from manual to automated.

"The real-time reporting is a very helpful tool to bring the needed facts to management whenever they want. The dashboard makes it simple to view these metrics without any obstacles."

— Jan Vriens  |  Test Coordinator at Acerta

Global test repository

Zephyr Enterprise provides a Global Repository for test cases that can be shared across the entire organization. Scivantage leveraged global functionality in Zephyr Enterprise and saved time to production.

"It’s easy to navigate, it’s very organized the way it’s structured with the folders and it’s very easy for storing and reusing cases from project to project. And outside of the testers, it’s also easier for other parties, like management or other stakeholders who need to look at the testing process."

— Idibek Bahromjoni  |  Senior QA Analyst at Scivantage

Continuous testing agility

Zephyr Squad helped ZetaSafe move away from managing their tests cases in Excel and ensure rapid and reliable testing of their online compliance applications.

"As Zephyr Squad’s user interface is very intuitive, the adoption process has taken less than two weeks. In addition, Zepyhr has enhanced knowledge transfer and communication between ZetaSafe staff, giving new QA staff and other stakeholders detailed visibility of the testing process."

— Wiz White  |  Product Manager at ZetaSafe

Time saving40+ hours per month saved for each individual with reusability of test cases
Cost effective100K saved in QA costs and $20k in Connector costs
Faster releases25% decrease in delivery times
Tighter collaboration100% alignment on requirements between Dev and QA teams


Company had to integrate all Helsinki transportation (buses, trams, metros, local railways, ferries) for commuters. With 8 teams in 3 countries, they needed a deeper level of collaboration. CucumberStudio with BDD created standardized terminology, living documentation, and fit 3,300+ functional tests into only 1,700 steps.

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The leading auto manufacturer relied on Excel docs for managing test cases for their factories. They had problems with consistency, deadlines, and linking with other locations. Zephyr Squad helped them sync up, running 545 test cases across the world, and collaborating in a way they never thought possible.

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Fujitsu is a Japanese multinational company that runs thousands of test cases for every release. Zephyr Enterprise easily molded to their existing processes, while also saving a significant amount of time by consolidating their metrics and reporting.

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HCSS is a software company trusted by more than 45,000 construction professionals across 4000 companies. As their dedicated QA team grew in size, so did their need for a tool what would maintain consistency of their QA processes. Not only did Zephyr Scale become a valuable organizational tool for HCSS, but it also significantly sped up their regression and smoke testing.

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