Introducing TestComplete Pro – More Features, Convenience, & Savings!
  October 27, 2016

We are excited to announce the launch of TestComplete Pro.

It is an ultimate bundle that comes with automated UI test creation and maintenance capabilities across desktop, web, mobile, and packaged apps. Not just that, it also comes with a Test execute license add-on. This means the UI tests you create can then be run and scaled across other physical or virtual machines to save time and cost.

The components of the bundle thereby include: Platform, Desktop, Mobile, and Web module, and TestExecute license. To put into perspective, the bundle looks something like this:


Prospects Can Lower Their Testing Costs BIG Time!

Prospects currently in the process of evaluating TestComplete can save big time by buying the Pro bundle at a node locked price of $3,500/ € 3,730 or a floating price of $7,000/ € 7,463.

This translates to a HUGE 25%+ discount on the list price.

So if you are a prospect and see a growing need to test desktop, web, mobile, or packaged apps in the future, now would be the right time to buy and save.


Don’t Worry! We Haven’t Forgotten Our Customers

Current TestComplete customers who already own a TestComplete platform, along with any TestComplete module, can also upgrade to the Pro bundle.

Regardless of what you currently own, you can upgrade to the Pro bundle at a node-locked price of $1,750/ € 1,870 or a floating price of $3,500/ € 3,730.

This effectively helps customers save 35%+ on the list price.

Save on Support Costs As Well

The bundled price not only reduces the costs upfront, but also helps you save on maintenance costs over the long run. Primarily because your new maintenance cost would be based on the bundled price, rather than the list price.

Other Benefits of TestComplete Pro Include

Reduce Test Maintenance Efforts: The Pro bundle comes with support for a wide range of technologies, including: .NET, Winforms, WPF, Java, HTML5, and AngularJS. It’s perfect for easily creating functional tests on an exhaustive range of browsers, desktop, native, web, or hybrid mobile apps.

A strong object recognition support available with TestComplete Pro also helps ensure that you can find accurate and unique identifiers for different objects on the user interface, and as a result your tests don’t break with the changes in the AUT.

Greater Proficiency: There is no need to learn new skills for testing a different target app such as desktop, mobile, web, or packaged apps. With TestComplete Pro, you can use the same concepts, such as data-driven testing, record and replay, scripting for testing different target apps.

Integrations as Per Your Processes: Depending on your desktop, mobile, web, or packaged apps testing process, your integration needs might differ. For instance, while the web team might want to work with Selenium, your mobile team might want integrations with an API testing tools such as SoapUI given the huge dependency of mobile apps on API.

Irrespective of which applications you are testing,TestComplete Pro comes with numerous out of the box integrations for source control systems, defect management and application lifecycle management tools, as well as continuous integration tools such as Jenkins.

Same Dataset for Driving Different Tests: Data creation and maintenance for driving UI tests can be challenging and time consuming.  With TestComplete Pro you can simplify that process by using the same data sets for driving automated UI tests across different target applications.

Scale and Report on Tests Easily: Save time by executing multiple desktop, mobile, web, and packaged apps tests across distributed environments. You can also get one master summary report across different tests run on physical and virtual machines.

Easy-to-read pie charts are great to spot pass/fail trends and analyze results across tests from a single place. Detailed descriptions, including clear and actionable reasons for failure, are even provided as well.

Interested in learning more?

In case you are interested in learning more about the TestComplete Pro bundle, just drop an email to or call +1 617-684-2600 for US, or +353 91-398300 if you are in EMEA.

We would be happy to help you understand how TestComplete Pro can help you in your automated GUI testing efforts.