Enhance Clarity with BugSnag’s Upcoming Real User Monitoring Capabilities

  May 09, 2023

SmartBear is excited to announce the upcoming beta for real user monitoring, a new facet of BugSnag’s observability stack.  

BugSnag is a full-stack monitoring solution delivering real-time data to improve app performance and help you balance roadmap agility with application stability. Real user monitoring (RUM) is critical for developers’ visibility into how their users are interacting with their application, and it provides critical information about the overall product development lifecycle.

This ability to monitor performance characteristics of applications within BugSnag will offer unmatched front-end visibility that will allow developers to fully grasp the experiences of their users.  

Join the Beta Waitlist
BugSnag Real User Monitoring (RUM) Beta Waitlist
BugSnag Performance

BugSnag real user monitoring will provide actionable insights into your application’s performance.

Benefits of Real User Monitoring

Quickly Surface Issues – RUM enables organizations to quickly identify performance issues impacting production users – even if they don't report them. That way, you don't need to rely on support tickets to be aware of poor end-user experiences.

Monitoring Key Operations – With RUM, engineering teams can monitor start times, screen loads, network requests and any other operation chosen to instrument.

Detailed Actionable Data – Span details are captured and displayed intuitively to show engineers exactly where time was spent in an operation, helping them to get to the heart of the problem as soon as possible.  

Targeted Segmentation – Filter user performance aggregates and graphs to see the characteristics of relevant attributes including device type, OS version, and app release, allowing fine-grained insight into the performance of different cohorts.

The BugSnag RUM beta begins on March 21. Click here to join the waitlist!

We are so excited to work with our customers on providing feedback on BugSnag real user monitoring – thank you for your support!