How to Improve App Performance with Real User Monitoring​

App users are impatient, and they demand a fast, seamless user experience. If your app is too slow, users may switch to a competitor. But if they have a great experience, they’re more likely to come back again and again. 

RUM can help you ensure that your key performance metrics are optimized to deliver a great user experience that keeps customers returning time after time. 

BugSnag is proud to unveil our new Real User Monitoring (RUM) capabilities!

Adding RUM to your observability stack is critical for the health of your application, but it’s also important for your business.   

Join us to hear more about: 

  • Why RUM is important for your app & business health 
  • Key performance metrics for every app 
  • An interactive demo of BugSnag’s new RUM capabilities 
  • Live Q&A 
Duration: 1 hour

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