Continuously Test Your Application or Service and Start Feeling Confident in Your Deployments

Manage business risk alongside code risk with our tools. Continuous Testing can help you deliver bug-free software at the speed your business requires.

Why SmartBear for Continuous Testing?

Open Source Innovators
Don't ditch your favorite open source testing framework or infrastructure. SmartBear tools will help enhance your open source tools and bring additional functionality to your team.
Immediate ROI
Our test automation tools support the growing ecosystem of tools. You can seamlessly integrate with leading continuous integration and delivery pipelines or easily build continuous testing frameworks on our open platform.
Test Automation Leaders
We are recognized as the leader in the test automation space. We focus on key integrations to aid in automation across the entire SDLC across all layers of your application helping you deliver better software, faster.
Seamless CI/CD Integration
Our test automation tools support the growing ecosystem. You can seamlessly integrate with leading continuous integration and delivery pipelines or build continuous testing frameworks on our open platform with ease. 
Real Browser Testing
Run automated tests in parallel across devices, with cloud-side execution, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes with our browser  and mobile device testing platform.
Insightful Reporting
Gain complete visibility into your testing activities to make informed decisions moving forward when it comes to allocating testing resources, escalating test cases, and measuring test coverage. 

There's a SmartBear tool to help make continuous testing easy for everyone:


Behavior Driven Development and Execution Platform

Define user acceptance criteria with a universal language to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. Then use those criteria to create tests in a click of a button with over 20+ frameworks and tools supported including: Cucumber, JUnit, Selenium, TestComplete, and more. 


Remove Dependencies From Your Pipeline With Virtualization

Use service virtualization to create dynamic and virtualized APIs, DBs, and UIs-removing the dependency of unavailable web services to start testing earlier in the SDLC. Build these virtualized APIs from scratch or using an OpenAPI definition, store them in a central location, and reuse them across your organization. 


Powerful End-to-End Testing for Developers and Testers

Verify your application works as expected across all layers of your application with end-to-end testing built for modern architecture. We help QA teams check workflows for functionality and performance by providing tools they are comfortable working with that seamlessly integrate into their already existing QA processes.


Stress and Load Test Every Layer of Your Application  

Guarantee your application works at scale. Check the performance of your application, website, APIs, and DBs, by running realistic performance scenarios, running parallel load tests, and generating loads in real browsers so you can quickly identify any performance bottleneck before production. 

Monitor and Analyze Performance From Around the Globe

Monitor the availability and performance of both the UI and API layers of your application using monitors in over 350 locations globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Deploy with confidence knowing your team will be the first to know if your application falls below the SLA. 

Create, Manage, and Run Your Continuous Testing With SmartBear for 10X Speed, Accuracy, and Scalability

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