Getting Started With Azure DevOps and SmartBear

Azure DevOps, formerly known as Microsoft VSTS, is a cloud-based CI/CD platform that powers the continous integration, testing, delivery, and deployment of applications and services.

What Is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is the new name for Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), a set of collaborative development tools built for the cloud. While VSTS was commonly used as a standalone term, Azure DevOps is actually a platform made up of a few different products:

  • Azure Boards
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Repos
  • Azure Test Plans
  • Azure Artifacts

This article will focus mainly on Azure Pipelines, the CI component of Azure DevOps. Azure Pipelines is Microsoft's cloud-native continuous integration server, allowing teams to continuously build, test, and deploy all from the cloud. Azure Pipelines can connect to any number of source code repositories, such as GitHub or Azure Repos, to grab code, tests, and artifacts for application delivery. 

SmartBear tools work out of the box with Azure Pipelines, allowing teams to kick off their automated tests created by TestComplete, ReadyAPI, or CrossBrowserTesting in their CI/CD pipeline - every-time they commit.

How SmartBear Can Help With Azure DevOps Environment

Increase Dependency Availability
Running tests on every commit means that your application and all of it's dependencies need to be available to test. ServiceV Pro can help virtualize APIs, UIs, and TCP services  for 100% pipeline availability. 
Drastically Reduce Testing Time 
As you build out larger regression suites and tests, our testing time will slow down. Run your tests in parallel in the cloud with CrossBrowserTesting for unmatched scale and the ultimate reduction in build and test times.
Monitor Your Entire Pipeline
Monitor and understand the performance of your applications and services as progress in the pipeline. AlertSite allows you to monitor behind firewalls and on local projects.
Automate Functional Testing
Create, manage, and execute functional tests on nearly any application - desktop, mobile, web, REST, SOAP, microservices, databases, and more using ReadyAPI and TestComplete.
Automate Performance Testing
Performance testing has traditionally been difficult to embed inside CI/CD pipelines. LoadUI Pro and LoadNinja make automated web and API performance testing just a click away.
Automate Security Testing
Embed security scans into your CI/CD pipeline with SoapUI Pro, running XML-bombs and Fuzzy scripts against your organizations most critical endpoints.

Drive Quality Across The Entire Azure DevOps Pipeline: