Improve Quality and Morale: Tips for Managing the Social Effects of Code Review

Everyone agrees that releasing “better code” is a good thing. Implementing peer review will improve your code, but if not done properly it also may cause painful morale problems for your team.

Developers often resist code review because they associate it with extra paperwork, boring meetings, increased overhead, greater inefficiency and frustrating criticism. Who wants to sign up for any of that? So it’s up to managers to get their teams on board so they can reap the many benefits of code review.

This white paper presents proven tips and techniques managers and developers can use to ensure successful peer code reviews while avoiding potential negative social effects that may arise when team members criticize each other’s work.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Get the process started the right way
  • Respond to objections
  • Set the right tone for your team to obtain the desired results
  • Turn peer review into a positive learning experience