What's New in SoapUI Pro 2.4?

Join us for a walkthrough of SoapUI Pro and LoadUI Pro 2.4, the newest release to the world's most popular API testing platform, ReadyAPI. In our latest update, we've added a number of enhancements to how teams create and integrate API automation inside their CI/CD.

  • Native Jenkins Plugin & Improvement To Command Line Runner

    Not only did we make a number of improvments to the experience of our command line test runner, we also added native Jenkins support - making integrating your API testing into the popular open-source CI/CD server even easier.
  • Easier Test Creation with API Discovery

    Begin creating tests quickly with our redesigned API Discovery capability. Convert a manual test inside our internal browser or launch an automated test across a proxy and ReadyAPI will record the API calls - letting you create assertions against these calls in just seconds.
  • Support For JSON Web Token (JWT)

    We’ve added native support for Jason Web Token (JWT), a popular open-source method for creating access tokens, which makes it easier for teams trying to make a secure connection between two parties.  
Mike Giller
Temil Sanchez

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