Delivering Software Faster by Removing Dependencies with Service Virtualization

Software is a key driver in helping your business deliver value to its customers. In the continuously evolving world of software, dependencies between teams frequently cases bottlenecks and slows things down – preventing your team from delivering at the speed of which it is capable.

A recent survey of nearly 3,000 software developers asked respondents what they do when an API is unavailable, 33% answered either “do nothing” or “I had no idea we could do something about this”. Service virtualization aims to solve this challenge that many enterprise architects, developers, and testers face in their day-to-day, causing your business to slow down.

In this session, Theresa Lanowitz, Head Analyst & co-founder at Voke Inc., and Gail Shlansky, Director of Products at SmartBear, will discuss the key business drivers behind adopting service virtualization:

  • Increasing team confidence
  • Improving productivity for everyone
  • Saving money
Gail Shlansky
Theresa Lanowitz

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