Virtualize APIs in Minutes_Test in Seconds: How to Transform Your Software Delivery Strategy with API Virtualization

Today’s software architecture relies on APIs as critical to the application as a whole, driving interactions with every core component from a database to the user interface. That reliance on APIs means that I order to build truly robust services, application testers have to test the application’s reaction to a variety of potential API responses. This can be a problem, especially when those APIs are still in development, or are developed by a third party. 

Virtualizing APIs that are still being developed can get you ahead of the game. And while API virtualization has grown in usage in recent years, a number of development teams – maybe yours – are still on the fence about implementing this critical tool. 

In this free training and live demonstration, we will show how teams can accelerate service virtualization with ServiceV Pro.

We will discuss: 

  • Solving API testing challenges with API virtualization 
  • Differences between mocking and service virtualization 
  • Benefits of leveraging virtual services in your API development 
  • ServiceV product demonstration 
  • Setting up a workflow with SwaggerHub and ServiceV Pro 
Duration: 30 minutes

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