Lessons in Transforming the Enterprise to an API Platform

Are your digital transformation efforts taking your business in the right direction? This session focuses on lessons learned from working with various organizations in hospitality, loan origination, and fintech to develop and deploy their API platform. These enterprises implemented an API first design, federated governance, and API management layers as part of their overall platform strategy.

We will explore what worked, what didn't work, and tips to ease your transformation initiatives.

Topics that will be discussed:

  1. Developing an effective API program that promotes internal reuse and a thriving partner program
  2. Techniques for implementing API governance, including an exploration of centralized vs. federated governance
  3. How microservices and modular software design are changing the culture of today's enterprises 
  4. Increasing API onboarding and adoption by developing a great portal and developer support process
  5. Tips for accelerating your transformation initiatives with an API-centric approach to the enterprise
James Higginbotham, Executive API Consultant , LaunchAny

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