The Designer Series: SwaggerHub and Testing with ReadyAPI

As your team goes through the API lifecycle, from design, to testing to development and then deployment, you need tools that work together seamlessly. To that end, SmartBear has built a native integration between SwaggerHub, our API design and collaboration tool, and ReadyAPI, our all-in-one API testing platform.

You can use SwaggerHub to as your single source of truth for API definitions. Once a design has been created in SwaggerHub and approved by stakeholders it can be imported into ReadyAPI for virtualization and security, performance and load testing. The integration streamlines the process of logging in to SwaggerHub from ReadyAPI and stores information for re-use when performing actions against SwaggerHub.

On November 10th, we will host a session of our designer series where we will walk through the ways your team can take advantage of the integration between SwaggerHub and ReadyAPI. See how utilizing both tools can improve productivity and enable quality at scale.

Duration: 45 minutes

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