Test Anywhere: Test Execution as a Service with TestEngine

With many organizations continuing to give teams the flexibility to build and manage their own delivery processes, a balancing point between tooling choice autonomy and mandating tooling dependencies needs to be struck.  As teams explore the many alternatives to traditional CI/CD tooling and as code and delivery move closer together on platforms such as GitHub and Gitlab, the need for scalable solutions teams can build around and not against is critical.  

Tooling that aligns with these new delivery options share common characteristics in how they are accessed, provisioned and maintained that naturally give a foundation for teams to experiment and build on top of. 

In the world of API testing, Smartbear introduces TestEngine, a service based extension of our leading ReadyAPI application which allows teams the freedom to experiment with their delivery process while reducing the need to manage the overhead of using ReadyAPI or SoapUI’s test artifacts in new ways. 

In this webinar we’ll run through: 

  • Finding a balance between autonomy for teams and dependencies 
  • Evaluate strategies for supporting teams delivering at different frequencies 
  • Identifying opportunities for organizational services over self-hosted tools 
  • Introduction to TestEngine, our server-based centralized execution engine 
  • Demo replacing a tool-centric delivery chain with a service based model 

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Duration: 60 minutes

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