Take Your Web Testing to the Next Level

We recently polled our user base to get a pulse check on their web testing initiatives. As expected, there is still complexity in browser testing. Chrome may be king, but organizations are still testing to make sure their web applications work as expected on Firefox, Edge, IE, and Safari. How much time does it take you to test across browsers and devices? 

With the TestComplete Device Cloud add-on, you’ll create automated web tests that can be run on multiple browsers, operating systems, and device configurations in the cloud. Create your test just once in your local browser and then run them across 2000+ configurations. How do you take your web testing to the next level? Start parallel testing across browsers and devices in the cloud. 

Join us for this 30-minute webinar to learn more about TestComplete’s Device Cloud, now with the ability to parallel test.

We'll cover: 

  • Market trends and findings about cross-browser testing 
  • The benefit of scaling cross-browser tests to the cloud 
  • The immediate ROI for parallel testing 
  • A demo of TestComplete’s Device Cloud add-on with parallel testing

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