Switching to agile? ​What's your plan for test automation?

If you’re moving from waterfall to agile and unsure how to start the path of test automation – you're not alone.  

The key is knowing you need to cover the basics before reaping the benefits, but how do you do that? Rapid code changes, new hierarchies, stress from increased collaboration -- it quickly gets complex, especially when adding new test-automation systems. 

Agile development will ultimately help you move faster and deliver far more advanced applications, but knowing what to look for is critical. So join us learn about the biggest challenges teams face with switching to agile, and how you can approach them with confidence.  

Hear topics like: 

  • What costly testing gaps to avoid as you begin to release faster 
  • Ways you can quickly upskill people to participate in test automation 
  • Examples of how to keep your tests organized while speeding up your dev cycles 
  • Audience Q&A 
  • And more... 
Duration: 60 Minutes

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