Counting the Dollars: Streamline DevOps with Automated API Testing

Every piece of software built today is either an API or uses an API and 90% of developers claim to use them.  They act as the middle layer between the presentation and database layer in the software development process. APIs enable communication and data exchange from one software system to another.  In essence, APIs have become integral in today’s digital economy.  

Unfortunately, API testing is the most challenging aspect of QA testing, as APIs can be complicated because it involves protocols and standards that are not involved in any other kind of testing. API testing challenges can lead to slower release cycles, poor-quality APIs, and an overall inefficient API testing process.  

Here at SmartBear, we know API’s and we know API testing. In this webinar, we’ll cover:  

  • API testing pitfalls 
  • Benefits of automation 
  • API automation best practices  
  • Intro to ReadyAPI  
  • Live demo and Q&A 

Join us for this informative webinar as we review some of the best practices in API testing and highlight why adding automation to your testing practice will get your teams deploying faster than ever.  

Duration: 60 minutes

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