Speed Up Development: Avoiding Bottlenecks with API Behavior Testing

In the ideal scenario, development and testing teams work harmoniously to deliver high-quality applications – on schedule, under budget, and error-free. But as applications become more complex, and companies adopt Agile methods, maintaining these ideals become increasingly difficult. 

API virtualization alleviates the demand on developers and testers by providing improved collaboration, better security, early testing, reduction of dependencies, and cost saving. This allows developers and testers to be more productive, collaborative, and efficient in building and testing their applications.  

Join us for this informative webinar to learn:  

  • What is API virtualization and how does it support the API development? 
  • What are the business advantages of incorporating API virtualization into your organizations testing process? 
  • Use cases for API virtualization. 
  • Intro ReadyAPI Virtualization. 
  • Live Q&A  
Duration: 60 minutes

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